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My New Year’s Resolution: Fail More

I don’t take a lot of risks.

In fact, you could argue that I don’t take any risks, because the ‘risks’ that I do take are analyzed so intensely beforehand to make sure that my odds are favorable.  When I try something new, I do so only after I’ve received the correct number of positive reinforcements that I’ve deemed necessary for the task at hand.

I do this because I do not want to fail. Keep Reading…

Rookie Santa Mistakes

I would have thought Santa would know better by now.  I mean, this Christmas was his fifth visit to our house.  We even had Peanut Brittle, our Elf on the Shelf, helping him keep tabs on the kids.  And yet he messed up big time. It’s as if he didn’t have a clue.

Parents of babies and toddlers, listen up. You are currently in the ‘Santa warm-up’ phase. Don’t waste these years.  Figure out your Santa grove now.  Scout out the best spots for hiding gifts.  Decide on whether Santa is going to wrap or not wrap his gifts.  This is your time to iron out all the kinks.  Because when your oldest child reaches age 4, you better be ready to bring your A game.  You might have gotten away with a few slips this year, but I can assure you that there is no room for error when dealing with a 4-year-old. Keep Reading…

How Great is a Chick-Fil-A Drive-Thru?

Photo by Adam Kuban
Photo by Adam Kuban

Earlier today I went through the drive-thru at Chick-Fil-A.  I find the Chick-Fil-A drive thru to be in a class of its own.  It’s like the first class of fast food drive-thrus.  If you live in an area that does not have a Chick-Fil-A, you should go ahead and put your house on the market and start looking for a new home in a town with a Chick-Fil-A.  Because no one should be deprived of the Chick-Fil-A drive-thru experience.  Every time I go through the drive-thru I have the same several thoughts: Keep Reading…

Prayers for the Kelly Family

It’s been an unusual week before Christmas for me this year. My crossed off to-do list would show that I’ve been running around getting ready for Christmas, both at work and at home. However my heart has been somewhere else.

At the beginning of the week, my husband informed me that the husband of a former coworker of his was nearing the end of his life. He had suffered from a form of brain cancer and his health was deteriorating rapidly in each passing day. Today’s blog entry from his wife was a call for friends to come today to say goodbye because doctors do not think he’ll make it too many more days. Keep Reading…

Fitting In While Getting Fit – Part Four: Be Nice

If there is one thing I’ve noticed about my time spent at the gym, it’s how nice everyone is to everybody else.  Maybe I just go to a really polite gym, but people seem to be so kind when they are working out.  When I first started doing the Body Pump class (great class, not for me though) I was amazed at how many people were willing to help me get the equipment I needed to get started.  Same is true with the weight machines.  I know very little about those but there is always someone willing to answer my questions when I have one.

So that is the inspiration for week four of Fitting in While Getting Fit.  Be nice.  Only I’m going to suggest that in addition to being nice to your fellow gym mates, you should be nice to yourself.  A few years ago, I attended a conference shortly after my first child was born. I wish I could remember the speaker, but I was blown away by her words of apology to her body.  She completely changed the way I think about my body. Keep Reading…

Treasure the Ordinary

As a child, my mom used to insist on reading a certain book every Christmas season: The Littlest Angel. Not only did we have the book, but we also had a record with the audio version.  Each year, we would sit and listen to the record and read along in the book.

The book is about a little child that becomes an angel.  He can’t quite get it together in heaven.  He’s late, he’s tripping on his wings, etc.  But then the news of Jesus’ birth reaches heaven and all the angels are bringing their gifts.  The littlest angel presents Jesus with a box that he had on earth that is filled with random items he had collected when he was alive. But after giving the gift, he was immediately humbled by his present and was embarrassed.  But God was so pleased with the gift that he makes it into the star of Bethlehem.

I was never a huge fan of the book.  I didn’t get it.  My mother, on the other hand, was always crying by the end of the book. Keep Reading…

Can We Call a Tim Tebow Truce?

Photo by Jeffrey Beall
Photo by Jeffrey Beall

I’m not a football fan.

Heck, I’m not even a sports fan.

But you don’t have to be an ESPN junkie to know about Tim Tebow.  He seems to be everywhere in the news.  If he doesn’t make the morning show, he’s on the evening news.  He’s a top story on any internet news site.  And if I had a dime for every Tim Tebow related social media comment I read, my Christmas shopping would be paid for by now.

The part that is confusing me is, why? Keep Reading…

How to Be A Winner in a White Elephant Gift Exchange

It’s Christmas time which means that White Elephant gift exchanges are in full swing around the nation. (If you are unfamiliar with White Elephant gift exchanges, go here).

I participate in at least four White Elephant gift exchanges every Christmas.  I think church groups like to host white elephant parties because it’s a socially acceptable time to laugh and make fun of people. We don’t get to do this for the other 364 days of the year.  But at White Elephant parties, it’s perfectly okay to point and laugh when someone opens a horrible gift. Keep Reading…

Fitting in While Getting Fit – Part Three: Motivation

For my third installment of “Fitting in While Getting Fit” (FIWGF) I’m going to talk about motivation.  The one main difference between a regular at the gym and the occasional visitor is motivation. Someone who attends the gym regularly has figured out some sort of motivation to go on a regular basis. Surprisingly, the motivation to shed some extra pounds is not always the strongest motivator to get to the gym.  If it were, anyone who had a desire to drop a size would be a regular at the gym.  So in case you are looking for some additional motivators, I’m going to help you out. Keep Reading…