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I didn’t kidnap my son.

A few months ago, I convinced my son, Jackson, to watch Disney’s Tangled with me. This wasn’t hard to do as he soon fell in love with the main character Rapunzel. For the next several days, we watched it every day.  He soon knew the story by heart.
Later, he asked me “Mom, am I really your son?” Not getting the reference to the movie, I said “Of course I’m your Mom! Who else would be?” Keep Reading…

The elephant in the room

As my first blog post, I feel like I need to get something out there. My URL is susans140plus.  What does this mean? I know what some of you are thinking:
“Is Susan writing a blog about her weight?”
“Does this mean Susan weighs more than 140 pounds?”
“What the heck does 140 plus mean?”
No, I’m not writing a blog about my weight.  However, I am 5’9 and not built like a super model so you do the math. the 140 is a reference to twitter.  For those of you unfamiliar to twitter, you “tweet” messages that are only 140 characters long.  Facebook gives you a few more characters, but sometimes there is more to my story than just 140 or 250 characters.  So I created this blog.  I hope you like it.