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Every Person Matters

I’m sure that I probably sound biased, but I think my kids are awesome. They are amazing.

I love that my four-year-old son can carry on a conversation like a 20-year-old. I love that my two-year-old son will offer up his last piece of candy if one of his siblings wants it.  I love that my two-year-old daughter will sit still long enough for me to french braid her hair and paint her toe nails.

So it kills me to think that some day in the future one of them might get bullied at school. I want to protect them from all potential name calling. I want them to always know that they are amazing. But there might be some kid out there that cannot see their coolness.

When I hear stories in the news about kids being bullied, my heart literally hurts.  I’d like to say that it hurt before I had kids, and maybe it did, but it didn’t hurt like this.  It hurts because when I think of these kids, I think of my own kids.

Because if my kid was being bullied I would want my kid to tell me.  I would want my son to be able to tell me how he felt when he heard the hateful words being hurled at him.  I would want my daughter to be able to cry on my shoulder and ask me why someone would say such awful things about her. Not because I think these would be easy conversations, but because it kills me to think that my son would be so ashamed by the words that he couldn’t bear to mention it again.  I would hate to think that my daughter would come home at night and cry in her room too embarrassed to tell me that someone hates her.  As if I would be disappointed.  Or, even worse, that I would agree with the bully.

I wonder how many kids go home after school and the bullying continues.  They walk into their home and get yelled at for doing ten different things wrong.  They can’t focus in school so their grades suffer which only gets them in more trouble at home. My heart hurts for these kids.  I wish I could tell them that they matter.  That even if they don’t feel it at home or at school, they matter. I wish they knew that they were not put on this planet to be ridiculed, harassed or beaten.

I don’t have a nice way to wrap this up.  I don’t have a way to stop all the bullying in the world. Bullying is real and it hurts. Teenagers are choosing to die rather than to suffer the torment that they are going through every day.  At what point in our society did we start teaching children that this was an acceptable way to treat others?

I want to teach my children that every person in this world matters.  A person might think differently, act differently, or believe in different things but God loves that person every bit as much as God loves my child. There is not a single person on this planet that God does not love. If they think that God approves of them telling someone that they do not matter, they are wrong. No one deserves to be told that they do not matter.

Everyone matters.