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Please Pray For Rose

Sometimes when you start dating someone, you start dating his friends. The people that matter to him begin to matter to you. If they don’t, you start to have real problems. When I met Rob and Rose, they were my husband’s “married friends”. While most of my husband’s other friends were still searching for Mrs. Right, Rose was the consistant female at social functions. She was like the head girlfriend (except technically she was a wife). She helped fill in the back story on how everyone met and how long who has been dating who. From the very begining she was a mentor to me. Teaching me the ways of my husband’s friend group.

A year later, after I got engaged, it was Rose that answered my questions about wedding planning and married life. I was the first among my friends to get married so I looked mainly to her for guidance. It was Rose who applied my makeup on my wedding day and Rose who prepared a plate of food for me so I wouldn’t starve at my reception.

Rose was my first close friend to have a baby. Just a few weeks after our wedding she became my first friend that was a mom. A few years later when I was living only a few blocks away and pregnant with my first baby it was Rose who I watched for tips on how to be a mom. After my son was born, Rose and I would meet at Chick-Fil-A for lunch and swap stories about being a mom of one.

A year after my oldest was born, Rose had a second child and the following year I had my twins. We now had five kids between the two of us. Chick-Fil-A lunches weren’t so easy anymore. I still remember the day Rose came to visit me after the twins were both home from the hospital. We were downstairs looking at all the kids and discussing how crazy it was and she told me just how crazy it was about to get. She was pregnant with twins.

In the span of four years, the two of us had seven children. We had twins 9 months apart.

We don’t live a mile apart anymore. We hardly every see one another. Our lives are such that finding time to hang out means finding a needle in a haystack. But perhaps more than any other person in the world, I know she understands. On my hardest day, I remind myself that Rose has one more kid in the mix.

I’m thankful for Rose in my life for so many reasons. She’s helped me be a better girlfriend, a better wife and a better mom.

Today Rose is having brain surgery. Rose has a brain tumor. The prognosis is good as the doctors are pretty confident the tumor is benign. But it is brain surgery nonetheless. Rose will be recovering in the hospital for several days and then at home for several weeks. As anyone with small children can tell you, this will be difficult for the entire family.

If you are reading this today, please take a moment to pause and pray for Rose while she’s in surgery. Pray for the doctors that are operating on her and pray for her family members that are anxiously awaiting the surgery results. In the upcoming weeks, please remember to keep Rose’s family and Rose in her recovery in your prayers.

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