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The Sky is [Not] Falling

There is a phrase that moms pass around when talking to new moms that goes something like “the days are long but the years are short.” Other moms hear this and nod their heads in agreement. We know this. I know this.

And yet, here I am in the middle of it, living the long days, and I forget the phrase that I know so well.


These were my kids almost four years ago. Four years. My twins were two weeks old. Every memory of them, every single memory of them (except for their first two weeks spent in the hospital) has happened between now and when that picture was taken. All of those memories with them and it has only been four short years.

I can’t help but think of the many different phases we’ve been through as a family. The ‘three kids in diapers’ stage. The ‘one walker, one crawler and one sitter’ stage. The ‘there is no way I’m taking all three of them to the grocery store again’ stage. As hard as each of those stages were, they were just that: stages. They came and they went. The exit of one stage made room for another stage. The ‘three kids sleeping through the night’ stage. The ‘buckle themselves into their car seat’ stage. The ‘shoes and coats on by themselves’ stage.

My weakness in parenting is forgetting about the stages. I constantly forget that one hard day or even a series of hard days will not last forever. My son with not always yell “Hey old lady!” to the women over 60 that pass us. My daughter and I will eventually find a happy medium that allows me to brush her hair without her screaming bloody murder.

Last month I wrote about my son and his favoritism toward my husband. It was something that I had struggled with for a while. And yet, almost immediately after I wrote the post, my son’s attitude toward me seemed to soften. [I think it's obvious what this means; my three-year old is secretly reading my blog while I'm not looking.]

I cannot stress how important it is for me to remember that parenting is a timeline of stages. When I find myself in a rough stage, it is important to remember that it will pass. Likewise, when I’m in a stage when things seem to be running smoothly, it is vital to cherish each moment for it, too, will pass.

So take heart, mothers of the world, the sky is not falling. These hard times you’re experiencing are merely some rain showers that will pass. The weather will eventually turn. I can’t promise that it won’t rain harder, because some days it will. But make sure to keep that chin up. Because eventually the rain will stop. And after the rain comes the rainbow.

And you won’t want to miss that.