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Throwback Thursday: The 4 Types of Guys

It’s Throwback Thursday again! While last week’s post was pretty mortifying, I’m actually really excited about this post. This is perhaps the only post in the entire series that I remember writing and actually refer to today. As you might recall from previous Throwback posts, the early months of my junior year fall semester were spent trying to pretend I was over my ex-boyfriend. This ‘pretending’ basically consisted of me dating (or trying to date) a lot of different guys in hopes that one of them would be able to fill the void. Basically what I found was that none of them came close to my standards (or they didn’t stick around long enough for me to find out). Anyway, in a momentarily clear moment of thinking, I characterized all guys into 4 categories. So without further adieu, I present to you ‘The Four Types of Guys.”

[Comments by 2012 Susan]

October 23, 2002 9:54 PM

The Crush – The first type of guy is the crush. This guy is in your class, or perhaps a club that you are in or maybe he eats in the dining hall at the same time as you every day. Before class you may share some small talk about the upcoming test, but conversation rarely goes any further. Usually you know very little about this guy other than your common bond. For instance, you may know his major because he’s in a lot of your classes but you don’t know what he does on the weekends, who his friends are or any other details. Since Guy #1s are largely a mystery to girls, girls cannot help but fill in the blanks for the missing information about these guys. For instance, not knowing what these guys actually do on the weekends means it’s safe to assume they’re volunteering as big brothers for underprivileged kids. If they’re absent from class, it’s not because they’re skipping, it’s because it was their week to serve lunch at the homeless shelter. Guy #1s can become very dangerous to get to know because they are never quite the perfect guys you imagined them to be. It’s best to keep guy #1s at a distance.

The Hot Guy At A Party- [okay, I'd like to remind readers that I was a mere 20-years-old when I wrote this. I was still young and immature.  I'm not proud of this characterization. Please know I've matured over the years.] The second type of guy is the physical attraction guy. This is the guy you meet at a party and spend the night flirting with. Maybe you will dance together all night or talk or play darts. As his title implies, he is usually above average looking. While you may talk with him about more things that small talk, the conversation is really just a chance to flirt. No matter how great the night with this guy goes, it rarely leads to anything else. Usually the guy is not looking for anything. It is important to not forget this. If you think about Guy #2′s after the night is over, you will just get hurt. Guy #2s are usually fun to hang out with but they are nothing serious.

The Guy Things Just Click With – Guy #3 is the guy that comes out of nowhere and becomes your boyfriend. Okay so it doesn’t happy that fast, but he’s the guy that everything just clicks with. Maybe you meet at a party or he’s a friend of a friend. From the moment you meet, there is a mutual attraction and you begin to see each other a lot. Eventually you are an item.

The Friend – Guy #4 is the friend. Sometimes he starts out as a Guy #1 or even sometimes a Guy #2. A Guy #4 can also become a Guy #3 but usually he has passed the point where you can be attracted to him. He’s more like a brother than a boyfriend.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: It is important to remember that things can get ugly when Guy #1s becomes Guy #2s. That is to say, you finally see your crush at a party and you work up the nerve to talk to him and he’s yours for the night. This is dangerous because you still have to see him in class on Monday. A lot of girls build up their crushes to be perfect and when they realize they are not, that they are actually just Guy #2s, everything goes a little crazy. Also, once a guy is a #2, there is little chance he will ever become a Guy #3. Guy #2s don’t want to be in a relationship. In summary, it’s best to never try to date Guy #1s or Guys #2s. Both will disappoint you.

It’s best to wait for a Guy #3 to come around.

[I must come clean about something. While I was once very proud of my characterization of these four categories, I must admit I was pretty wrong. While I made it very clear, a girl was not to date a #1 or a #2, I did break my own rule. I dated a #1. It was only a few months after I wrote this post and I was very aware that I was in dangerous territory by agreeing to go on a date with a Guy #1. I just couldn't say no. Good news is, it all worked out. This particular Guy #1 was actually as perfect as I had built him up to be. And two years later, that Guy #1 became my husband. So basically, 2002 Susan didn't really have it as figured as she claimed to.]