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What does your dream look like at 5:30 AM?

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I retweet @jonacuff tweets about every 5 minutes.  You will also know that Jon and I had a short twitter conversation about this and he said (and I quote) “Ha! you’re not a stalker. I love that you RT my stuff!”  So if you start to think that I’m a stalker, you can rest assured that I have permission from the man himself to retweet his 140 characters of genius.

Jon Acuff is not only the hilarious creator of the Stuff Christians Like blog, but he also runs another blog with motivational posts about following your dreams.  Except when he writes about following your dreams it doesn’t sound cheesy like that just did.

At the beginning of 2012, he presented a challenge to anyone who has ever set out to do something only to stop and give up half-way through.  He has challenged others (and himself) to make this a Finish Year (or in the twitter world #finishyear).  As a self-proclaimed “starter,” this challenge has hit a chord with me.  However, I’ve been hesitant to voice my dream out loud because if I say it out loud that means it’s real.

So far I’ve been able to read his blog from a distance.  As in, I read it and make a mental note so that when I start chasing my dream, I will know what to do. I’m really good at making excuses about why I can’t start chasing it yet — the kids are too young, I need to wait until my husband is out of seminary, I don’t have time to focus on it now.

On Tuesdays, Jon posts a challenge to his readers. Today’s challenge was to wake up early to work on your dream. You can read the entire challenge here. I am no morning person.  There is very little that can get me out of bed in the morning before I have to.  So you can image how angry I was when I read the words

“If your dream isn’t worth getting up 30 minutes early to work on, it’s not really a dream.”

Darn those catchy motivational phrases!  All day I’ve repeated that phrase in my head and tried to find the loop-hole.  But there isn’t one.

Because if I am honest with myself, here is what I know would happen if I woke up 30 mins before the kids should wake up to work on my dream:

5:30 AM: Wake up, go downstairs, work on my dream for 30 minutes.

6:00 AM: Kids aren’t up yet, keep working on dream for bonus 30 minutes.

6:30 AM: Kids are stirring, but I think I can get 15 more minute of work done.

6:45 AM: Okay, they are definitely up now, I should probably get up there.

14 hours later…

8:45 PM: Wow, I’m so tired from getting up so early, instead of squandering away my night watching TV, I think I’ll go to bed.

9:30 PM: Okay seriously, I need to stop watching episodes of How I Met Your Mother and go to bed.

It’s hard to argue with 90 minutes of uninterrupted time to follow a dream.

The good news is, he only challenges us to do it once before next Tuesday.