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Pajamas to the Gym

I don’t have the luxury of knowing what it’s like going from one kid to two kids. Sometimes I wonder if parents even notice that they’ve added another child.  Sure it used to be 2-on-1 when they just had the one kid, but when you have two kids it’s still a 1-to-1 ratio so that can’t be that bad right?

Truth is, I’ve gotten so used to three that I can’t imagine what having just two kids is like. Three is the norm for us. And the chaos of three is just another day in our house.

Take Saturday for example. I was going out with the kids so that Tim could stay back and mow the lawn.  I fed the kids breakfast, cleaned up the dishes, got shoes and socks on everybody and loaded up the car. It was barely 9 AM and I would count that as success. We were almost to our destination when I hear the following phrase:

“Mom! I’m still in my jammies!” Keep Reading…

Gifts From the Heart

The other day at the gym, I noticed a woman with a very unique water bottle. It probably started off as a regular water bottle but this water bottle has some flare to it. It was covered (and I do mean covered) with puffy paint designs. It had zig-zags and dots, maybe even a heart or two. There was one word on this water bottle. Any guesses? Mom.

My heart warmed as I thought of the mother’s day when this mom must have opened this elaborately decorated water bottle and her daughter said “Mom, now you can bring a pretty water bottle to the gym when you work out!” And not that we are keeping score but can we all agree that this mom gets about 100 mom points for actually using the water bottle? Keep Reading…

The Difference Between Twins

As a mother of multiples I’m often asked “Have you noticed differences between the two of them?” Before I go any further, I have asked this question to moms of multiples before having twins and I STILL ask this question to them. Because it’s a good question. But it is kind of silly. As if the mother is going to say “You know what? I’ve noticed absolutely no difference. If it weren’t for the fact that they were boy/girl twins I don’t know if I could tell them apart.”

There is something special about raising two kids the same age in one house. Because you don’t have to strain your brain trying to remember when your older kid reached a similar milestone because you are experiencing both kids’ milestones at once. Keep Reading…

A Wish for My Daughter

The other day my two-year-old daughter had just finished getting dressed when she walked in front of the mirror and said “I’m so beautiful!” There was no hesitation, no studying to make sure her hair looked just right or her clothes matched. She just said it. It made me smile.

My wish for her is that she will always be able to look at herself in the mirror and without questioning it say “I’m so beautiful!”

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Was Blind But Now I See

The day started simple enough.  We had spent the night at my in-laws and though the twins woke up a little earlier than usual, my in-laws had offered to take them downstairs so we could keep sleeping.  A little while later when Jackson woke up, Tim offered to go down with him so I could get some extra sleep. Nice morning right?

Before going downstairs for breakfast I wanted to put my contacts in. Usually I’d just put on my glasses but Tim and I had both forgotten to pack our glasses.

It was early, I was using a new bottle of contact solution and I wasn’t really paying attention but putting in contacts is pretty routine.  I’ve been doing it daily for 15 years. I put the first one in and that is when the trouble began. As I write this, the word trouble does not do justice in describing the moment.  Trouble is when you get a flat tire or miss a connecting flight.  Trouble is your son getting a note home from school saying he hit another kid (or more likely in my case, kissed another kid).  Those are good times to use the word trouble.  No, what I was experiencing was far beyond trouble. Keep Reading…

Parents Magazine: Friend or Foe?

I have a love/hate relationship with Parents magazine.

After my first child was born I began receiving this magazine for free because someone had “gifted” me a subscription. No one ever fessed up to giving this to me and once I saw that a year subscription was only $7 I figured they must “gift” all new moms this magazine to get you hooked.

Well it worked.  I have never been one to cut out articles but this magazine compelled me to.  I was cutting out (and actually making) recipes and finding the advice incredibly helpful.  As a new mom, I felt that it was giving me amazing insight on how to handle my upcoming years in motherhood.

Fast forward three years and one set of twins later. The magazine still comes every month, but my time to read it is less and less. So it would arrive in the mail and sit on my counter for a month until I put it in the magazine rack for some magical time when I have hours and hours of spare time to read them all and catch up.

This past summer, things were a little crazy in our house.  The kids were out of school and seemed to have somehow formed an alliance against me with the goal of driving me insane. Never underestimate the leadership skills of a four-year-old. They were a well-oiled machine. Seamlessly taking turns throwing tantrums, two on, one off (I’m sure they figured they could hold out a lot longer if one of them was always resting). Making sure to like a meal one night but refuse it the next night just to keep me guessing.

And then my Parent’s magazine arrived. And on the cover the title of an article read “3 No-Fail Discipline Tricks.” No Fail? Really? You’re going to tell me there is no possible way this will fail? Keep Reading…

Where is the Love for Papyrus?

Can I still be considered a graphic designer if I use Papyrus font?

Not that I do. I promise. I have not used Papyrus since about 2007. But it’s time to come clean.  I still like it.

Wait. Don’t write me off yet. I am fully on board with banning Comic Sans. Even though it seems 75% of Americans are hard wired to associate Comic Sans with “a fun event.”

It’s almost as if we were all exposed to some sort of subliminal messaging in the early 90′s that said “If you want people to think your event is cool use Comic Sans” or “All children love Comic Sans.” Or “Nothing says Happy 50th anniversary Grandma and Grandpa like Comic Sans.” Keep Reading…

I Heart Minivans

I’ve been a minivan driver for 3.5 years.  It’s nice. When you are a mother of three kids 4 and under it’s pretty much a necessity. And 99% of the time I don’t mind driving it.

When I’m driving to preschool to drop off the kids: completely normal to be driving a minivan. When I’m loading up with a cart-load of groceries from target: completely normal. In and out of the doctor’s office, the playground and church: so completely normal.  I fit it.  I’m “one of them.” No one pays me a second glance.  Occasionally, I imagine that people think I’m the young nanny driving the family’s van.  But for the most part, I’m comfortable behind the wheel of my oversized car.

You want to know when I’m not? Keep Reading…

Unicorn Mothers

Good news.  I just became a much better mom.  Let me explain.

I’ve always been good in school.  I am a teacher’s dream. I did not consider assignments optional.  Instead I worked hard to turn in exactly what the teacher wanted. The only acceptable grade in my head was an A.  If an A+ was offered, I went for it.

So naturally when I got pregnant, I read all the books and subscribed to all the parenting magazines.  I was determined to get an A in parenting. The following is a partial list that I had in my head of how to get an A in parenting: Keep Reading…