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Can We Call a Tim Tebow Truce?

Photo by Jeffrey Beall
Photo by Jeffrey Beall

I’m not a football fan.

Heck, I’m not even a sports fan.

But you don’t have to be an ESPN junkie to know about Tim Tebow.  He seems to be everywhere in the news.  If he doesn’t make the morning show, he’s on the evening news.  He’s a top story on any internet news site.  And if I had a dime for every Tim Tebow related social media comment I read, my Christmas shopping would be paid for by now.

The part that is confusing me is, why?

Sure, his team seems to be on a great winning streak, but shouldn’t we be celebrating the Broncos and not just him?  His critics claim he’s not the greatest quarterback to ever play the game and yet one could argue he’s getting the amount of press coverage as if he were.

I get that he’s an evangelical Christian, but from all reports I read it doesn’t sound as if he’s making any outrageous claims.  I get that “Tebowing” is a new catch phrase, but he didn’t reinvent the wheel on that pose, for centuries “Tebowing” was actually just called “praying.”

He’s not predicting the end of the world.  He’s not launching a campaign of hatred against a group of people.  He’s not even claiming that God is intervening during his games so that his teams wins.

So listen up media outlets. Can you just let us Christians have a normal representative of our faith for once?  Too often the Christians that are in the news are in the news because they are doing exactly the opposite of what Christians should be doing.  They are not being loving and humble, instead they are being hateful and self-serving.  Must you keep questioning Tebow’s motives? Can you not just conclude that maybe, perhaps, he is being authentic?

Do I think that if you dig hard enough you will find some dirt on Tim Tebow?  Sure.  Because last time I checked he was not Jesus.  I don’t think he’s ever claimed to be.  He’s human.  He has faults.  And sure he’s not a perfect quarterback, but he must be doing something right if his team keeps winning.  Can you acknowledge that perhaps his winning streak has less to do with his religious convictions and more with his ability to work with his team to accomplish a common goal?

I’ll make a deal with you.  As a Christian, I promise not to claim that Tebow is “God’s Quarterback.”  I do not think the God of the universe has a favorite quarterback, nor do I think God is punishing the teams that do not have Tebow as their quarterback. I promise not to tell potential believers that they, too, will become a successful athlete if they proclaim the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior.

I love the fact that Tim Tebow is starting conversations about faith around the country.  I love that he is unashamed of his relationship with Jesus Christ. I love that there is a football player that I can feel good about my kids looking up to and wanting to emulate. I especially love the humility that he seems to have in regards to his success.

But it’s a sad commentary on Christianity when a Christian is making the news for actually behaving like a Christian.  You would be hard pressed to read an article about a cat that likes to sleep all day and eat tuna.  I guess I just wish it were the same for Christians that live a life of integrity, honor and love.

So thank you Tim Tebow.  I’m sorry that so many people are getting worked up about the way you choose to live your life.  I think you’re doing a great job.



It should be noted that christians are NOT the only people who live a life of integrity, honor and love!

Let's just get along....

Nancy, get over yourself…I didn’t see anywhere in this article where chrisitians were comparing themselves to another group . Nor did I see anywhere in this article, implied or otherwise, an intimation that christians were better than anyone or any other group, religion, or otherwise. Relax, read the article at face value. Indeed there are other folks in many different walks of life and those people or groups should be valued, recognized and supported. Thats the point in of the article. Thats who I want my kids to live up to and emulate. In fact, I would like to see more adults emulate people like Tim Tebow in how they conduct themselves throughout life.


@Nancy….Thanks for clearing up the whole “Are Christians really the only group of people who live honorable lives?” question! I’ve always been stumped by that one! I am so glad people like you don’t let all that hocus-pocus Jesus stuff cloud your incredibly astute mind…..and also, thank you so much for always undercutting anything good done by a real Christian like Tebow and generalizing it with someone or something else because the last thing enlightened individuals like you (and now me!) can afford is the world knowing that Christians aren’t as hateful and snide as you and I!! Thanks again Nancy…keep spreading your message! The world really needs it!