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Why I Don’t Want To Be Friends With My Yoga Instructor

I recently began taking yoga classes. This is long overdue since I’ve been a proud wearer of yoga pants for more than a year now. But believe it or not until three weeks ago, I had never actually participated in a yoga class. I like to wait until trends are good and established before participating in them. Which is why you won’t see me in a Zumba class until at least 2017.

My first yoga class was the Wednesday before Christmas. The stress of the holiday season was at its peak. I had two more very busy days of work before a week of vacation. I had presents waiting to be wrapped. Groceries to be purchased. Laundry to be done and a house to clean.

And then the class started and my yoga instructor began to do her thing.

Sixty minutes later, I walked out of that room completely relaxed and refreshed and ready to conquer my holiday to-do list. Later that day, my kids’ argument over who got to sit where at the table was no match for my relaxed state. After just one class, I was hooked.

Most classes run late. She’s not the type to keep to a tight schedule. Probably because it’s more important to listen to what our bodies are telling us than to watching the clock on the wall. or something like that. You can leave early if you need to, but you’ll miss the relaxation part or, as I like to call it, mini-nap time.

I attend class with a friend and the two of us enjoy fantasizing about our yoga instructor’s life outside of class. Is she always that calm and relaxed in her real life? Does she have kids? How does she react when her kids misbehave? What if she’s actually this completely stressed out person and teaching yoga is just “another thing” on her plate?

That’s when I decided we could never be friends: my yoga instructor and I. It would never work. I don’t want to know about the days when she’s overwhelmed. I don’t want to hear about her bad day. I want to live in a world where I believe that she lives her entire life the way she lives it in yoga class. I want to imagine her always like that.

Fitting In While Getting Fit – Part Four: Be Nice

If there is one thing I’ve noticed about my time spent at the gym, it’s how nice everyone is to everybody else.  Maybe I just go to a really polite gym, but people seem to be so kind when they are working out.  When I first started doing the Body Pump class (great class, not for me though) I was amazed at how many people were willing to help me get the equipment I needed to get started.  Same is true with the weight machines.  I know very little about those but there is always someone willing to answer my questions when I have one.

So that is the inspiration for week four of Fitting in While Getting Fit.  Be nice.  Only I’m going to suggest that in addition to being nice to your fellow gym mates, you should be nice to yourself.  A few years ago, I attended a conference shortly after my first child was born. I wish I could remember the speaker, but I was blown away by her words of apology to her body.  She completely changed the way I think about my body. Keep Reading…

Fitting in While Getting Fit – Part Three: Motivation

For my third installment of “Fitting in While Getting Fit” (FIWGF) I’m going to talk about motivation.  The one main difference between a regular at the gym and the occasional visitor is motivation. Someone who attends the gym regularly has figured out some sort of motivation to go on a regular basis. Surprisingly, the motivation to shed some extra pounds is not always the strongest motivator to get to the gym.  If it were, anyone who had a desire to drop a size would be a regular at the gym.  So in case you are looking for some additional motivators, I’m going to help you out. Keep Reading…

Fitting In While Getting Fit: Part Two — Locker Room Etiquette

It’s week two of my December blog series: Fitting In While Getting Fit or as I like to call it — FIWGF. Last week, I wrote about key things to consider when picking a gym that the sales person might not tell you. Today, I want to let you in on some locker room etiquette.

I spend a lot of time in the locker room each week. This is not because I’m incredibly high maintenance, it’s because I savor the mornings when I am able to get ready without having to navigate around three small children. With that in mind, I cherish the time and see no need to rush it. I recognize not everyone has the experience that I do getting ready in the locker room so I’m going to pass on some tips to help you newbies blend in with the rest of us. Keep Reading…

Fitting in While Getting Fit. Part 1: Joining a Gym.

The holiday season has officially begun which means that it’s only a matter of weeks until my gym will become overloaded with new members or lapsed members with good intentions to start the new year off right.  Last year, I read lots of status updates from seasoned gym rats who were annoyed with the new members.  I found this to be a bit annoying and also hypocritical since even the most seasoned gym members were once rookies.  So this year I am going to do my part to help ease the transition for new gym members.  Every monday in December I will be posting workout tips and etiquette guides to help you blend in with the gym snobs.

Today I’m going to start with the basics: Picking the right gym. Keep Reading…

The [Fitness] Club Can’t Even Handle Me Right Now

Last year when I joined a gym, I found myself with a small problem.  In the busyness of graduating college, getting a job, getting married, having a baby and having twins, I seemed to have neglected my music collection.  I had changed computers and was left with a pitiful music library. I spent the first few months working out to the soundtracks of the musicals Wicked and The Lion King.  Don’t get me wrong, those are some awesome soundtracks, but there is something about exercising to show tunes that just didn’t work for me. Keep Reading…

I’m no elephant.

It all started on Monday. I made my grocery list while sitting in the preschool carpool line waiting to drop off my son.

I thought it was a great time-saving strategy since I was going straight from the preschool to the toddler gym for a class with the twins and then to the grocery store. One of the first rules I learned when I began taking more than one child to the grocery store was that you NEVER attempt to shop without a list.  Keep Reading…

Gifts From the Heart

The other day at the gym, I noticed a woman with a very unique water bottle. It probably started off as a regular water bottle but this water bottle has some flare to it. It was covered (and I do mean covered) with puffy paint designs. It had zig-zags and dots, maybe even a heart or two. There was one word on this water bottle. Any guesses? Mom.

My heart warmed as I thought of the mother’s day when this mom must have opened this elaborately decorated water bottle and her daughter said “Mom, now you can bring a pretty water bottle to the gym when you work out!” And not that we are keeping score but can we all agree that this mom gets about 100 mom points for actually using the water bottle? Keep Reading…

The Ladies of the Locker Room.

Recently I had to switch my work out schedule.  It’s only been a few days, but I miss my old routine already.  The new routine isn’t that bad.  My new time at the gym is a much less popular time so it’s nice to have all the open equipment. But I’m starting to miss the conversation. Not so much the conversation that I took part in, but the conversations I would over hear.  There is one group of women in particular that I will miss.  I call them “The Ladies.” Keep Reading…