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Happy Birthday to My Favorite Set of Multiples!

I’ve spent all week trying to decide how to write this post.  I struggled with whether to make it one post or two.  It doesn’t seem fair that you would have to share your birthday post with your twin sibling, but it also didn’t seem fair  to post two posts on one day. But then I remembered how awesome the two of you are.  I remembered how you have had to share most everything from the moment you were born. It’s not always fair, but it’s the only life you’ve known.

To My Wonderful Baby A:
Do you know how amazing you are? You are so thoughtful and caring to those around you.  When your brother or sister get in trouble, you regularly apologize for them.

You are constantly wanting to run around and play, so when you ask to cuddle with me, my heart melts.

You are the most independent two-year-old I’ve ever known.  You literally potty trained yourself.

For a few months, you were obsessed with your father’s car.  At all hours of the day, you wanted to know where it was. You ask roughly 1,000 questions a day.  I’m sorry that I don’t always answer with great enthusiasm but I hope you never lose your great curiosity for life.

You love to wear multiple pairs of shorts underneath your pants.  You like to change your clothes at least three times a day.

You are the Jim Carrey of two-year-olds.  You have the most hilarious facial expressions.

As crazy as you can be, you can also be very cautious, like the time you refused to let me put a temporary tattoo on your hand because you thought it would hurt.  It’s okay be cautious, but don’t be too afraid to take risks in life.  Sometimes the biggest risks bring the most reward.

To My Precious Baby B:
What a blessing you are to my life.

I love the way you sit so still when I paint your toe nails or braid your hair.  I love the way you smile when you admire yourself in the mirror.  I hope that you never stop looking at yourself that way.

Your best friend in the entire world is your cousin.  You talk about her non-stop.  When you wake up from your nap you ask to draw a picture for her.  When you have a snack, you ask for two so that you can give one to her (even when she’s not at the house).

You could eat a million blueberries in one day.  In fact, you eat most fruits and vegetables like they are candy.

You love to hear stories about when you were a baby, especially the stories about you throwing up on people.

You are a little mother.  You are the first to kiss a boo boo on one of your brothers’ knees. Someday, I’m sure you’ll make a great mother.  Until then, your 10 baby dolls will have to do.

To the Both of You:
Thank you for being patient as your father and I figure out how to raise two kids that are the exact same age.

Happy 3rd Birthday.