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I didn’t kidnap my son.

A few months ago, I convinced my son, Jackson, to watch Disney’s Tangled with me. This wasn’t hard to do as he soon fell in love with the main character Rapunzel. For the next several days, we watched it every day.  He soon knew the story by heart.
Later, he asked me “Mom, am I really your son?” Not getting the reference to the movie, I said “Of course I’m your Mom! Who else would be?”
A few days later he asked me again while watching the movie, and I figured out where his mind was.  So to play with him a little, this time I answered: “Nope, I took you from the King and Queen.  I wanted you because your hair glowed and it kept me young forever.”
He found this hilarious. So I kept the joke going. Whenever he asked me the question I gave him the same answer.
Last week I realized I might have a problem on my hands. I’m 90% sure Jackson knows this is a joke. However, he might find this so funny that he begins to tell random strangers I’m not his mom. This might be awkward.
So I’m going on record telling my side of the story. This all started as a joke.