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Perspective Dinners

We have a group of friends that happen to all have children much older than our children. In fact, the next youngest child is at least nine years older than our oldest child. All of the families have children that have graduated high school. The group gets together a few times a year as a chance for the college-aged kids to see each other again and for the parents to reconnect. They are some of my favorite dinner parties of the year.

I love to talk to these friends. They are seasoned parents. As a whole, they’ve raised 11 children. They’ve seen it all. There is no story of mischief they haven’t experienced. As my husband and I share the latest of our kids’ antics, they look on and smile. As our kids run up from playing in the basement with the older kids and ask us for more chips, our friends cannot help be reminisce about the past when their kids that age.

Every parent of young children should have these types of friends. There is no parent who can offer more perspective than a parent of a child who has graduated high school. I listen and try to soak in the words they offer me.

“It goes by in a blink of an eye.”

“It seems like just yesterday when I was in your shoes.”

“You will not believe how fast they grow up.”

They all agree. Not one would argue with the statements above. And yet, from my side of the coin, I seem to be light years away from their stage of life.

I’m thankful for these friends. I’m thankful these friends have welcomed our family into their group. I’m thankful for their older children that keep my children busy in the basement so that we can have an uninterrupted conversation with other adults.  I’m thankful for their words of advice. I’m thankful for their perspective in life.

Someday I’ll be in their shoes. My kids will be grown and I’ll be the one longing for the days when my kids were so young and cute. I will be telling the exhausted mom that time goes fast.

So I will believe them. Though it seems impossible, my heart tells me they are right.