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Throwback Thursday: Finding What Was Lost

Another week has passed and it’s time for another Throwback Thursday (catch up on past weeks here). If you read last week’s post, you’ll remember that in the last post 2002 Susan seemed to be on an upswing. The good news is, two days later she still seems to be doing okay. The back news is, she seems to be stuck in her “Deep Thoughts” stage, dishing out thoughtful pieces of wisdom like only a 20-year-old can. On that note, enjoy.

November 7, 2002 1:45 PM

[I'm going to be honest, there aren't any comments today. I literally have no words for this post.]

So yesterday morning I am about to dry my hair and I can’t find my comb. It’s not in any of the spots that I usually put it. Everything else is there, except my comb. With the exception of the hair dryer, this is the single most important element of the hair drying process and I can’t find it. So I grab another brush and make do. Not the ideal situation, however I didn’t have much choice. I finished drying my hair, returned the brush to the shelf and, lo and behold, there is my comb.

Isn’t that just how things always work? You look everywhere for a notebook and when you finally give up and go to class, you come back and there it is, under something on your desk. You can’t remember the tune of a song and then an hour later when it doesn’t matter anymore, you remember it word for word.

If you’ve lost something, the moment you don’t need it anymore you will find it.

I can’t say that the comb incident was some revelation in my life and everything is okay now. However, I will say this: I have to trust that that’s how things will work. I can’t rush things and look for what is missing. I have to work on finding a way to made do with what I have. And until I have moved on and forgot that I was missing something, only then will I be able to find it.