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Today You Are Seven.

Can it really be that today you are seven? I’m not quite sure how we are here already. Last week when we bought the number seven birthday candle for your birthday cake I actually had to stop to think to make sure I had the right number. Seven does not feel right. You haven’t even lost your first tooth yet. You are the same height as your four-year-old brother. How can you be seven?

Trust me, some days you feel way older than seven. Some days, you look at me with that grin of yours and you say some witty remark and I swear you are an adult trapped in six-year-old’s body. Other days when you refuse to do your homework or clean up your room you seem very tween-like.

But most days you are still my sweet little boy. The baby that made me a mom. Seven years a mom. You’d think after seven years we’d have this thing down, but as you and I have both learned this year there are so many layers to this parent-child relationship thing. Just when we think we are making progress, one of us goes and throws another wrench in the process.

We have had our moments this year. We struggle at times to communicate effectively don’t we? If I’m being honest, most of my frustration comes when I perceive you not caring about things that I cared about at your age. I am trying to remember that you are not me and you do things differently than me but it is hard. As you grow older, this will become more and more difficult. I promise to try my best to allow you to grow into your own person and not just try to mold you into a miniature version of me. The world doesn’t need another version of me. There is already one of me. The world needs a you. You have so much to offer the world. You are creative. You are funny. You are outgoing. You are charming. You have talents I never had. Trying to mold you into me would be like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. You are already on your way to becoming an awesome adult. I will try to remember that.

Thank you for another great year of being your mom. Thank you for teaching me patience as we attempt to study Japanese together. Thank you for your forgiveness when I’ve let you down. Thank you for playing with your brother and sister even when you’d rather play alone. Thank you for always trying your best when you play basketball. Thank you for holding my hand in the parking lot. Thank you for flashing that amazing smile that still melts my heart. Thank you for insisting that I cuddle with you at night before you go bed.

I can’t wait to watch you grow this year.

(And I promise that you will FINALLY lose a tooth when you are seven. This is definitely your year buddy.)