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Where is the Love for Papyrus?

Can I still be considered a graphic designer if I use Papyrus font?

Not that I do. I promise. I have not used Papyrus since about 2007. But it’s time to come clean.  I still like it.

Wait. Don’t write me off yet. I am fully on board with banning Comic Sans. Even though it seems 75% of Americans are hard wired to associate Comic Sans with “a fun event.”

It’s almost as if we were all exposed to some sort of subliminal messaging in the early 90′s that said “If you want people to think your event is cool use Comic Sans” or “All children love Comic Sans.” Or “Nothing says Happy 50th anniversary Grandma and Grandpa like Comic Sans.”

I get it. It’s over used and a product of old computers that had 10 fonts and Comic Sans was the only one that looked different to the average person.

But must we get rid of Papyrus as well? I work at a church and sometimes Papyrus would work so well for the design.  Papyrus kind of seems like the font that Jesus would use. He totally wouldn’t have done Comic Sans (except maybe when he was saying “let the children come to me”) but I think that he’d like Papyrus.  Don’t you kinda feel like Moses’ clay tablets would have looked nice in Papyrus? Or Paul’s letter to Corinth? I bet somewhere there is a whole bible printed in Papyrus.

So you can see why I’m torn. I sometimes think I could slip it in and no one would notice. But I’m not sure I’m ready to risk it.  Like a student driver driving with a sign on the roof of the car, I feel it would label me “amateur.”

And what’s next?  If it’s Myriad Pro I am in big trouble. I might need to change professions.